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  1. What is certified translation?
    This is translation bearing the sworn translator’s official seal and signature.

  2. How long will I wait for the translation of a short document?
    Generally one business day, urgent translation can be done on the same day.

  3. Is it enough for me to hold a copy of the source language document and its translation to pursue my matter in a court or with another authority?
    If the document is to be used in Poland, usually the original and its translation is needed. Outside Poland, a copy and its translation is more often accepted.

  4. What does the price for translation/translation services depend on?
    The basic criteria include the length of the text, its complexity and deadline for the service, repetitions, the presence of graphic features etc. The price for interpretation will depend on the venue, subject, duration etc.

  5. Do I need to show the translator the original document to get certified translation?
    No, but if you do not have the original document, the translation will be certified as translation from a copy document. If you want certification as the true translation of the original, you must show the original.

  6. Why are the prices offered by translators and interpreters for the translation of the same document different?
    Market prices apply. Fixed rates are used only in settlements with courts and other public bodies.

  7. Why are the prices for the translation of one-page documents so different? Should the rate per A4 page be the same?
    This is because one A4 pay may contain different text volumes depending on font, spacing and margin. The complexity of the text, its layout on the page and graphic elements should also be allowed for.